Friday, 11 May 2018

How to ride a bike

To ride a bike you need to have shoes and a helmet after you have those stuff you have to sit on the bike and if the stand is still on then push it up. So you have to ride a bike with balance and it is easy so you put one leg on one pedal and the other leg you have to push off with it so you start to move. When you get used to moving on the bike you get the hang of it to turn the  bike have to move the handles that are in front of you left or right . if you want some one could hold the seat and push the bike so you can pedal. to stop you just have to put your leg on the ground and push your leg on the stand so you can get off the bike and you could also pull the brakes. you put your helmet on with the buckle and if it is to big there should be a strap and you pull the strap up to make it tighter and to make it loose you have to loosen it. You have to make sure that your hand can fit under your helmet.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

kiwi kids

                                   Today i went on kiwi kids news and I learnt about sign language
                                                                     here is a photo