Monday, 5 March 2018

Multiplication monday

Multiplication Monday 

Today me and some of the kids in my class were reading a book called Multiplication Monday and the story was all about maths so one day on Monday this teacher said to her to her kids in her class to go and take a walk so they did and they went and counted all of the leaves out side by the trees and when they were counting they counted in 5,s so they found 20 leaves.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Word of the week

this week we were lerning about whanau and whanau means family.

The creek

Today room eleven went to Omaru creek first of all we had to pick a buddy my buddy was valessa after that we got our shoes and went in a line outside in our line we had to stand next to our buddies so we wouldn't lose them. After we got into a line we walked down to the gate and one of the boys in room 11 opened the gate. After we got inside the gate we both started to walk towards the creek. When we got to the creek we were looking at the  it and it looked really dirty and it also had poo in it me and valessa wanted to clean it but it was to dirty and we did not want to put our hands on the rubbish. When we were finished at the creek we went back to class and started to write.