Friday, 28 July 2017

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

tamarereti movie

this week we have mean learning about tamarereti and we have did a Animation off it to
 show you what we have learned we made a video off our Animation

my boys bomb

1 Bombing off a big stale rock the little boy splashes in the big blue ocean and made the water splash in the sky.  After he bombed he just suddenly came out of nowhere and it looked like he just sitting in the bush. ***
2 Under the blue sky the boy and God
where talking and chatting really really loudly.So when God laugh at the boy the ground shaked and it sounded like thunder.

3 Powerfully and quickly, God proves to the boy that he can do a bomb.He tried to prove him that he can swim and to prove him that he can swim he told him that he invented swimming  God he did a really scary bomb that he flipped backwards.