Tuesday, 11 April 2017


proper nouns


Correct the capitalisation in each sentence as you rewrite it in colour below.

  1. ben and i are going to the movies.
Ben and I are going to the movies.

  1. yesterday, i went to pt. england beach.                                                                                                                                    
       Yesterday I went to Pt . England Beach

  1. monday was waitangi day.
        Monday was Waitangi day

  1. have you seen the movie three wise cousins?
        Have you seen the Movie Three wise cousin?

  1. mr. burt is the principal of our school.
       Mr. Burt is  the  Principal of our School.

  1. did you know that ms west likes to sing?
       Did you know that Ms West likes to Sing?

  1. mrs. moala was born in the united states of america.
       Mrs. Moala was born in the United States of America.

  1. mr. moran enjoys coaching sports.
       Mr. Moran enjoys coaching sports.

News paper


animation scripted

Hi my name is Jayah  and we have been learning about Te Taiao o Tamaki. Te Taiao o Tamaki means that we have to be responsible of our school and make sure that we put our rubbish in the bin. And we have been learning about  kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa that means we have to be guardians of our stream   and of our environment t

A work of art

A Work of Art  
SJ L2 Oct 2015

After reading, “A Work of Art” please answer the following questions.
On page 19, Jenny says we need to “take care of our environment.” What are two things that she says we can do?
We have to  take care of our environment.     Imagine if no one picked up their rubbish.

When the artist realises what the students had done with his artwork how did he feel and what from the text helps you to figure that out?
He was shocked that his art was gone. He said (confused).  Where’s it gone? Where’s my

In the box below, describe (using LOTS of detail) what you would make if you were given a pile of long sticks, some plastic sheets and large pieces of cardboard.
A mini  A house . roof

2. Read “Auckland Artists Rebuild Rubbish Art” and watch the video before meeting with Mrs. Moala next.

3. After meeting with Mrs. Moala, watch this video.

If you were going to turn our Chromebook boxes into a piece of artwork, what would it look like?  Spend some time brainstorming ideas with a partner below.
A cave house.
Or a box car with decker ashens .
Or a plain..
Or box rocket with windows made out of plastic.

ice cream

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On Sunday after church I went to the shop to go get a Ice-cream because it was a really hot day I got a Ice cream that had a flak and the flavor was vanilla . When I was in the sun eating  my ice- cream and  it started to melt then  it started dripping down my hand and then it got sticky  so i quickly ate  my ice-cream then it  and went to wash my hands then i went home and got in  the shower and then got in to pj's and went to bed.

term 1 animation

this term we have mean learning about kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa  and te taiao o tamaki.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Bar graphs

 this week we have been learning about bar graphs and tally charts with
 fruit and groups of numbers


The world’s smallest dragon is an amazing creature, it is so tiny that it sit on only two fingers of a human hand. Also it has small claws as sharp as knifes and wings as tiny as a leaf. It also is bony and has two horns. At the back of the dragon it has a little tail and in the front of him he has smoke coming out of his horns. And it has tiny eyes  like small little seeds and Caring for this creature is a challenging task and should not be taken on without serious thought. And to also be careful with it because it is small and tiny and we might not see it and step on it and it might die. also Dragons are playful creature and they love to play games with children. And they like playing with adults and jumping around and also like scratching people.