Wednesday, 22 November 2017


HI guys this term pt England school has bean learning about musical madness
and you should check out my video about the there counters that i have picked. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My Narrative story

Paragraph 1

On saturday lailani and me were walking to the pt england beach. When we suddenly saw something really big flying over all the houses then we realised that it was a really big and colorful parachute but there was one thing wrong  we did not see anyone in the parachute. So we tried to figure something out. After thinking and thinking we finally came

paragraph 2

up with an idea the idea was to wait for the parachute to get closer So we could get a net so.Why we were waiting a lady was walking with her kid and the parachute was about to land by us so i told leylani to tell the lady to move out of the way but she did not hear or see leylani so leylani had to push the lady and her kid out of  the way so they did not get hurt.As soon as the lady got out of the The  parachute was getting closer to us so we ran back to leilanis house and got a really big net so when the  parachute lands it would not braick.

Paragraph 3
As The parachute landed It was starting to get late so we called some people who could look After the parachute why we go home. The next day me and lailani went back to the parachute and we sore a note in the parachute. We opened the note and it said that there was a hidden 10$ in the parachute so me and lailani raced to find the money. After lots and lots of looking i finally found the money so me and.

Paragraph 4         lailani went to the shop and split the 10$ into 5$ and got a ice block. Me and lailani went and let some people have the parachute so we could go home when we gave it away and then we went to our houses and went to have a shower and went to bed.

The End

Monday, 13 November 2017

Maths skills


To i was on my class blog and i was commenting to other people and then there was 62 comments but then it went to one hundred here is the link to the blog