Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Action verbs writing

The Kitten
Rosie wanted a kitten more than anything in the world. For months, she had dreamed of the day that she and her parents would go to the pound and adopt her brand new pet. But Rosie’s mother insisted they waited until Rosie’s birthday, which was two months away. Rosie thought of kittens all day. She hoped hers would have blue eyes, fluffy fur, and a happy purr that Rosie would feel through her shirt when the kitten curled up on her chest.
Walking home from school one day, she passed a neighbour’s house and noticed a big cardboard box on the porch. Curious, she ventured closer and saw her neighbour, Mrs. Spencer, lifting a fluffy kitten from the box! The words “Free Kittens” were written across the side of the box in big, black letters.
Mrs. Spencer saw Rosie eyeing the box and waved to her to come closer. “Your name is Rosie, isn’t it? You live down the block.” Rosie nodded and held her arms out for the kitten Mrs. Spencer was handing to her to hold. It had blue eyes and its fur was as soft as Rosie had dreams it would be.
“Would you like to adopt that kitten?” asked Mrs. Spencer, smiling kindly. Before she knew what she was saying, Rosie blurted out, “Yes!”
“Is it alright with your parents?”
“It’s fine. We’ve been planning to get a kitten for months.” Though it wasn’t the whole truth, Rosie couldn’t help herself. She let Mrs. Spencer put the kitten into a little box, hand her a can of food, and send her on her way.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Jayah term 4 cave art animation

This term we have been learning about cave people and how the cave people used to eat and hunt i have made an movie about cave people hunting.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Jayah free verse peom

For Writing this week we did a free verse peom

Jayah Maths

For maths this week we have been  grouping 
for example have a look at my work.

Jayah action verbs


This last few day we have been learning
about action verbs and non action verbs

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The history of flying machines

About one thousand years before Jesus was born, people in china used kites to lift people up.About 900 years later an english king was the first person who tried to fly using wings About 500 years ago. Leonardo da vinci design heaps of different kind of planes Around 1700 there was the first airship. It was flown for the King of Portugal. In 1843, George Cayley discovered the four forces of flight. Sixty years later a inventor who was known as “the flying man”. He invents and flies a biplane glider. In 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright make the first flight in a flying machine in America. Fast-forward 40 years. a man made his own jet pack In the same year someone also made a car that can fly.