Thursday, 24 September 2020


 Task dsciption: this is new zealand in sign language.

Friday, 18 September 2020



Task Disciption: today we went to the hall to learn about tuvalu and other things related to is. We did lots of diffrent things, we learnt a dance, the ladys told us a story about flowers singing to a girl and they also taught us how to do the head shoulders knees and toes in tuvalu. I thought it was alright cause we had to sit on the floor and litsen to them talk but it was fun dancing and learnign about tuvalu.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Tapa cloth maths

Task Disciption: this is my tapa cloth for maths all we had to do was figure out the metres and also turn them around what the number says. this was fun to do because when you turn the tapa cloth it shows the number.

level 3

Task Disciption: this is level 3 for maths just like the other maths I posted just a little bit harder, this was alot harder than the other one but our teacher helped us.

fractions of whole

Task Disciption: this is a maths the we had to do today it also has maori words in it cause this week is maori language week we had to try and figure out what the maori word said to work out our maths, this fun hard at first but our teacher discibed how to work it out.

taha whanau

today we are writing about something that was cool or a speacil thing that happend, im writing about my brothers birthday. my brother brithday is on september 30th and we had the brithday at leahs house which is my dads parents house. My parents brought a rainbow cakewitch white iceing and they also got us all macdonals. On his cake was chocolate writing in his name and 5 pop tarts, we got it from the cheese cake store. after that we left leahs house a went to the pools and the cake also had sprinkles on the sides.
EGGLESS RAINBOW TORTE - Tortes & Gateaux - Our Cakes - The Cheesecake ShopHappy Sixth Birthday Stock Photos And Images - 123RF

tongan writing

Task Discription: this is a tongan story when a man went surf boading and fell of and got tooken away from the current, this was easy cause our teacher showed us a text of writing and we had to draw a writing about it.