Friday, 20 October 2017

Musical Madness

After the holiday’s the whole school was in the hall for the classes to
arrive. The first thing that happened in the Assembly was Mr Burt Mr J and Mrs Nua sang a song.  Mr Jacobson showed the school a pipe band of some won ho was in his family.After the song team 1 came and did their item and there item was about snap and reactions so when the music changed they would be happy angry and sad. The next item was  about the lions in the jungle.A while after that item miss King  team 3 item it was about talking but with music.And they were going to go to the beach on Saturday night In team 4 all the teachers in team 4 were in the car and they were listening to music And dance in the car and being crazy the teachers went and to school and sore Mr Jacobson and they thorn that they were going to get into trouble but the`n Mr Jacobson was listening to music to.Team 6 item was about a family night `and when they get together and they watched the lion king then they put some songs about letting the lion go of the cliff and a scary music.After that we got told that we had to learn the musical madness song and sing it.After that the Assembly was finished so we walked back to class to do work.When we got to class we went to the mat and sat down after that we did writing and the writing was about the Assembly and the musical.

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